Looking for a web designer

If you have an ‘Eye’ for the design of Internet websites and have some clear and distinct ideas about how you would redesign the very website you are looking at right now, I’d like to hear from you.

I have designed this by myself, so naturally I cannot look at it with the eyes of another. I’d like to know what my readers see when they glance at these pages, and how it can be improved. For example:

  1. using a different font (I think the current one is pretty slick)
  2. attracting attention with a big photograph (I have no idea what kind of photo would ’tell my story’)
  3. restructuring content and making it more easily searchable (I think it’s easy as it is)
  4. putting my portrait, or a contact button, or a ‘recent news’ story (I don’t know what people expect…)

So you see, with my own pair of eyes I can hardly proceed…

I could pay you a modest amount, or we could work something out in terms of collaboration (I could do something in return).

It’s a simple, low key request, all comments are welcome. Also, this design is and will be open source so everybody is free to use it.

6 thoughts on “Looking for a web designer

    1. Small budget 🙂 At first as I hope was clear from the post (?) I want some external opinion. I also work as a web designer but really developed a blind spot for my own site. If I am convinced redesign is needed I think I can assign a small budget.

  1. Hi this is jibran, creative web designer. I checked your current website and it looks old and cluttered not user-friendly, what is it all about. Check one of my recent website http://thenonparisian.com/ easy to navigate, user-friendly. I am interested to redesign your website and would like to discuss more your project. Let me know what is the best time and medium to talk with you. Jibran

    1. Thanks! I doubt you took a good look as doesn’t look “old” and cluttered, it is slick but has some inconsistencies with the font. I suspect you are sending out standard commercial messages and I am not at all interested in that.
      I am from a different tribe, sorry.

      Have a great day!

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