The opposite of Capitalism is not Socialism, but Laborism: an economical and politica system in which labor takes systematic precedence over capital. The power of the State is used to make labor, not capital, artificially scarce. Under Laborism, the workers have the power and the market is more free than can be realized under Capitalism.
Writing on Substack
A month ago, as part of my new year's resolution, I prepared a Substack account. I wanted to write something on it as soon as I would be pain-free for 24 hours. Today, I started a short note with the intention to announce the delay of my first essay. It turned into a short piece ...
Hate is the fear that your story won’t prevail.
Artists critical of society nowadays have the strange habit of begging institutions of same society be the ultimate arbiter of their work. Instead of their real audience, that has yet to be born.
Don’t think and work
The idea that you get paid for doing your own thinking (which I once regarded naively to be the job description of an academic philosopher). You can think anything, as long as... Your critical thinking is appreciated, provided that... There always has to be a forbidden door. And I am the kind of thinker that ...
There is a point where we go mad when we consider ourselves the agent of all our actions and a point where we go mad when we consider ourselves the agent of none of them. Free will is the perceived space in between. - kc
Or we would have to live forever…
Cioran once said that he was glad that the concept of suicide existed because otherwise, he would kill himself. Perhaps this also applies to transhumanism: without the concept and idea that it is technologically not impossible, of eternal life, we would just have to live forever.
Honor and love - what else - defy the usurpation of meaning by the Story of capitalism, because they require the notion of "enough"
If we encounter something you don't know, our brain goes in either a fearful guessing mode or a mode of joyful curiosity. I think we can practice that.