Nuestra Casa
Nuestra Casa shelterSantiago de Chile. August 23, 2010.Nuestra Casa is a unique shelter for the homeless, supporting and encouraging their clients on their way back into society. The organization provides affordable food and shelter for 30 homeless men in Santiago and organizes activities to reintegrate them. They generate 51% of the home's income themselves, doing ...
Microfinance in Western Vitu Levu (MFW)
Microfinance in Western Vitu Levu (MFW)Lautoka, Fiji. August 17-19, 2010. The main problem for small entrepreneurs in Fiji is affordable access to finances. The government runs a number of microfinance schemes but seems to be backing out and expecting them to be self-sustainable, which is a tough challenge. In successful cases, small businesses mean that ...
Voyageurs peuvent être plus que des consommeurs
Peut-on changer le monde pendant un voyage? Bien sûr, il ya des excentriques qui sautent autour du monde sur une seule jambe et qui nous permettent de les soutenir, ou philantrophes riches qui organisent une soupe populaire sur le pont de leur yacht. Mais le citoyens normaux? Mis à part les choses évidentes comme voyager ...
A lot of what Charity Travel is doing amounts to spreading expertise and good ideas. Whether a mind-changing broad insight or a smart technological tweak, ideas are invaluable yet free as the air we breath.

To underline this, we present on these pages a series of creative ideas from various fields.

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Melbourne, Australia. July 26th, 2010
Lu'arn is a dance project choreographed by Australian dancer Jacob Boehme who's working with Indigenous to preserve their native culture.

Since:Staff:Jacob BoehmePeople Reached:Australian Indigenous communityContact:
Donation:300 Australian Dollar
"Jacob Boehme is a Melbourne based, a descendant of the Narangga/Kaurna nations of South Australia. A trained dancer, ...