If we encounter something you don't know, our brain goes in either a fearful guessing mode or a mode of joyful curiosity. I think we can practice that.
Spring Cleaning this Blog
There is a time for everything. Today I decided to upgrade the looks of the website you are now looking at because I was bored of the old look and its glitches. Manually designing a website is a time sink, but it has a soothing effect. Staring at pixels as if they, and not the much ...
The Dopamine Machine
Facebook is the dopamine machine
You are how you want to be seen
Your brain is cooking up your stuff
Never mind you're posting bluff Facebook is the dopamine machine
You get your hit on a twelve inch screen
Your neurons rewire to want more
Blue Thumb is a pimp you are the whore Facebook ...
For those who don't experience it every day, it is hard to imagine how it can affect one's life: tooth pain. I arrived in Europe half a year ago with tooth pain, and despite several visits to the dentist, I am still suffering. I have chronic tooth pain, for more than five years now. I have only one wish ...