The opposite of Capitalism is not Socialism, but Laborism: an economical and politica system in which labor takes systematic precedence over capital. The power of the State is used to make labor, not capital, artificially scarce. Under Laborism, the workers have the power and the market is more free than can be realized under Capitalism.
Writing on Substack
A month ago, as part of my new year's resolution, I prepared a Substack account. I wanted to write something on it as soon as I would be pain-free for 24 hours. Today, I started a short note with the intention to announce the delay of my first essay. It turned into a short piece ...
Free society (noun) - social organization in which only the rich can organize to pay less taxes.
This 57-year-old lives in a $1,300 apartment to avoid clickbait
A 57-year-old man lives in a completely average apartment, paying exactly what you would expect for a run-of-the-mill shelter in a boring town. The apartment building is in no way remarkable, even if you try your best, it is virtually impossible to come with with anything that makes it stand out. When we reached out ...
We should not teach our children how to masturbate! - Why not, sir? Carnal pleasure should be rediscovered anew by every generation.
Who’s afraid of Roald Dahl?
The big fat fucking giant was really a bone-headed pedo who ate children for breakfast after grabbing them in the alleyway behind the chocolate factory, where it reeked of piss. He enjoyed the taste of all children, even the lgbtq ones, but like every male, he did have a personal flavor: skinny bald specimens who ...
Definition of an Affluent society: a society in which everyone can understand what they do in their discretionary time as their identity, and is comfortable enough to like this identity.