Mightless words! Vehicles of nothing! Like barking to a dying possum, be this a command, what would you do?
This is interesting
My exuberant, eccentric and extraordinary train journey, zigzagging through western and central Europe at a maniacal pace, walking a beautiful stretch of the Camino de Santiago near Donostia/San Sebastián, dipping my feet in the Atlantic Ocean in Sintra, staying in lovely boutique hotels as well as a bench on the boulevard of Nice, sipping red ...
Dear Walter Benjamin
In Port Bou, the border town where you decided to end your life, I had a coffee break in a small bar called 'David'. You know, it is hard for me to find a fascination that keeps my mind occupied. I live in the stasis of peace, and war has become so unimaginable that we ...
You have to thicken your words to hold them in place
Gombrowicz on me
“Why, my man is created from the outside, that is, he is inauthentic in essence- he is always not-himself, because he is determined by form, which is born between people. His "I", therefore, is marked for him in that "interhumanity." An eternal actor, but a natural one, because his artificiality is inborn, it makes up a feature of his humanity-to be a man means to be an actor-to be a man means to pretend to be a man-to be a man means to "act like" a man while not being one deep inside-to be a man is to recite humanity.” ― Witold Gombrowicz
Writing is dying elsewhere.
Reminder: Orwell’s Advice
Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print. Never use a long word where a short one will do. If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out. Never use the passive where you can use the active. Never use a ...
“As a writer, I'm more interested in what people tell themselves happened rather than what actually happened” ― Kazuo Ishiguro
Coming out
When people ask me "when are you publishing"? It sounds to me like "when are you coming out?" Well, with everything I do I am coming out. I am always coming out.