This 57-year-old lives in a $1,300 apartment to avoid clickbait
A 57-year-old man lives in a completely average apartment, paying exactly what you would expect for a run-of-the-mill shelter in a boring town. The apartment building is in no way remarkable, even if you try your best, it is virtually impossible to come with with anything that makes it stand out. When we reached out ...
We should not teach our children how to masturbate! - Why not, sir? Carnal pleasure should be rediscovered anew by every generation.
Who’s afraid of Roald Dahl?
The big fat fucking giant was really a bone-headed pedo who ate children for breakfast after grabbing them in the alleyway behind the chocolate factory, where it reeked of piss. He enjoyed the taste of all children, even the lgbtq ones, but like every male, he did have a personal flavor: skinny bald specimens who ...
My husband is obsessed with woodworking, now he doesn't have time for me. I think he's filing for divorce.
No of course not. This is what we call click-bait. You reading this right now: the best proof you are human. Yay! Watch Google's AI LaMDA program talk to itself at length (full conversation) - YouTube
Philosophy is a profession
"Everybody is a philosopher in their own way." Everybody is an artist in their own way. Everybody is a doctor in their own way. Everybody is a lawyer in their own way. Everybody is a pilot in their own way. Go fuck yourself in your own way.