Greenpeace India

Greenpeace India

New Delhi, India. March 28th, 2010

Although Greenpeace is not yet established in India enough, they do very important works such as campaiging against toxic and nuclear waste, gene crops, and habitat destruction.

We visit their office south of Delhi and make a donation to help saving the Olive Ridley turtle.

Name Greenpeace India, Delhi branch
Aim to use creative non-violent direct action to expose global environmental problems, and to force solutions essential to a green and peaceful future.
Since Greenpeace was founded in 1971; Greenpeace India was registered in 2001.
People reached 2.8 million supporters worldwide. Not well-known in India though.
Contact Head Office
#60 Wellington Street
Richmond Town, Bangalore 560025
Phone: 08022131899 [at]

Donation 10,000 Rupees (222 USD)

Aware of the environmental challenges India faces (Bhopal, Ganga pollution, nuclear power), we decide to make Greenpeace India our final Cause on the Indian subcontinent. Greenpeace is not well-known around here and has a lot of powerful enemies, such as the huge Tata corporation and multinationals like Nestle. If you are campaigning for Greenpeace you put yourself in danger of being detained and unfortunately this has happened to a number of Greenpeace activists here.

We visit their New Delhi office, located in a building near Hauz Kass, and interview some people there. They tell us about the principal campaigns Greenpeace India is currently undertaking. We don’t need much more to be convinced and make our donation straight away (unfortunately that comes with some bank bureaucracy because they cannot take plain cash). However, there IS a way to do it with some sort of bank receipt, and we go that way.

The Causes are:
  • Raising awareness about Gene Crops;
  • Protecting the Olive Ridley Turtle that has its habitat on the shores of Orissa. Tata wants to build a new port that would destroy significant parts of this habitat and probably wipe out the species.
  • Campaigning for alternatives to Nuclear Power.

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  1. how would i go about campainging for green peace, im not wealthy so travel is out of the question and so are donations but i would love to go and save a little bit of our planet.

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