In the end, we are all big-brained monkeys with a limited capacity.
we burst heartlong through life
we burst heartlong through life before the silence we don't know the probability of a thermonuclear war & other reflections of the mammalian brain ________that rascal! butterfly wings are rife with functionality ________or take phantom limbs we tool like a tool inside a tool & that is confusing too but also wonderful like feeling the ...
What is it like to be a pig’s brain
I read about scientists who brought a pig's brain back to life for 36 hours. What is it like to be a pig without a body? If that question is answerable, it can be answered only in the language of the mind, which is produced by that pig's brain.
Morning Routine
I have the best morning routine. It's an exceptional morning routine. It's quick and new and 'smart'. You do this morning routine, it will blow people out of the water. They'll never see it coming! It's the number one routine. The absolute best. There is a healthy brain guru named Jim Kwik who is peddling ...