Burning further apart
Eucalyptus trees depend on fire to release their seeds. Plants need CO2 for their survival. The ignorant, as well as the evil, can point at facts like these to undergird their complacency and inaction in the face of climate change. The ease with which they appear to convince themselves that any worldview matching their lifestyle ...
Music from every country
I like to discover new music, but I don't like the algorithmic approach that calculates suggestions and tends to make us listen to whatever most people listen to. Yes, online music listening services tell us that they let us "discover" new music, but I miss something essential. I miss the romantic idea of discovering by coincident. Of course, I can ...
Melbourne, Australia. July 26th, 2010
Lu'arn is a dance project choreographed by Australian dancer Jacob Boehme who's working with Indigenous to preserve their native culture.

Since:Staff:Jacob BoehmePeople Reached:Australian Indigenous communityContact:
Donation:300 Australian Dollar
"Jacob Boehme is a Melbourne based, a descendant of the Narangga/Kaurna nations of South Australia. A trained dancer, ...