Beauty Flarf

Is Double Cleansing Really Necessary? Norwegian-born supermodel Frida Aasen has a special glow to her skin. I think we can all agree that the first jet lag mask from Summer Friday’s was not disappointing. We’re exposed to hundreds of thousands of bacteria every single day. Most of these 24 makeup mavens are bilingual. Facial hair growth in women is not usually anything to worry about. And big makeup brands are honing in on online beauty stars. According to Healthline, excessive hair growth on women’s bodies and faces, however, is called hirsutism. From there, she quickly warmed up her eyelids with a wash of the “Come and Get It” shade from the Moroccan Spice eyeshadow palette, starting from the outer corners and working her way toward the nose. According to Moore, other potential causes of newly grown facial hair in women can include Cushing syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, certain tumors and even some medications. And for those who can’t resist a little sparkle, definitely take Rih-Rih’s advice and sprinkle a bit of the CLF Edition Freestyle Highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes. But, if sudden menstrual irregularity is coupled with new hirsutism, your doctor may test for more serious conditions, such as tumors of the ovaries, pituitary or adrenal glands.

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