I fell in love three times

A few months ago, in a period of soul-searching that can happen to the best of us, I fell in love three times. I try to be a faithful poetic observer and report to you how exactly that happened.

My first amorous encounter was with Cuban superstar Camilla Cabelo, chiefly because of her aphrodisiacal voice and amber Beauty. I just love the looks of her cheekbones and although I don’t find much artistic substance in her musical endeavors, I still considered her my girlfriend for the tender period of two days.

It was only when my love of music awoke from an uncontrolled hibernation that I decided to leave her for Yuja Wang, the phenomenally brilliant, funny and sexy Chinese pianist. I could listen to her piano concerts and encores on YouTube for hours on end. I have been her boyfriend for three whole days.

Why did we break up? Was I getting bored? Was I eventually overtaken by fate, that had reserved an inexplicable love for the entirely and radically different, the diametrically opposed Principle? However this may be, such were the uneasy beginnings of my relationship with Ri Chun Hee, the famed North Korean news lady. You may think I’m a insufferable romantic dreamer with my seemingly self-destructive appetite for her, but I beg to differ.

If we allow the inexplicable in our lives, if we grant it more than a supporting role, only then are we truly living.

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