Habit #1: daily summary of famous literature

Like most people on the Internet, I’m looking for better habits. The Scroll of Facebook and Twitter with its plethora of information and disinformation is an assault on the mind and eats up our time. Binging Netflix can be fun and is really effective to take your mind off of something, but it also messes up your daily rhythm. Watching random YouTube talking heads engaging in a heated debate can be informative and pleasurable (if said talking heads are gifted with rhetorical talent) but it isn’t really constructive.

So whenever I come across something and think “that’s a cool habit” I’ll jot down a quick note here. Because I’m against the culture of commercialism, I will not create a list of “23 habits you should learn now” or “75 habits that will earn you money” or “she tried these 7 habits and you will never guess what happened next…”

I hate that. I hate that so much that I refuse to use it as an instrument on my way to world fame. Here is the little habit that I like today.

It’s a clear and simple ten minute narration of a work of literature. Our Tube is full of them. I listen to it during my first coffee break of the day. It’s relaxing, solidifies my knowledge about these books (so I can refer to them or quote from them in my articles), and it inspires my own writing.

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