How the brain of the one percent works

mirusuitcaseMiru is sharing only an infinitesimally small piece of her chocolate cookie. I ask her if she would share with papa and she nods. Then she touches her cookie with her little thumb and index finger, and puts the crumble that sticks on her fingers to my lips. Her dexterity is excellent and her composure completely undisturbed. Giving away only so little and keeping virtually everything for yourself is the natural state of being.

I watch her and laugh. Then it hits me. This is exactly the behavior of the one percent. They protest the wealth tax (and any tax) in the name of an alleged principle, or alleged greed. But in reality it’s simply because we are hard-wired this way. This deserves to be a headline.

“Avarice is the Fault of our Neurons

“One Percent have the Moral Consciousness of a Toddler

I get warmed up and smile at my daughter. Then I accept her gratuitous offer and devour my infinitesimal piece of her cookie.

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