Aging with you

I want to see my hair turn grey
while you are smiling at me

I want to sit next to the sea
with you, and kiss your temples every day

I want to sense the slow decay
of time, behind the windows of our place

I want to drink the smiles from your face
and put my lips to what you say

I want to tremble, with hands
wrapped in yesteryear’s skin
and awaken the beauty that lies therein

I want to feel my words grow weaker
so I can thank the air that carries them

I want to dance the slowest dance with you
to see a sacred frailty
replacing the tempest of our youth

To let my story become a thing,
a big rock I carry a vain attempt at gravity,
and you touching it with brittle fingers.

To feel my teeth fall out,
hey! let’s keep them with yours together in a wooden box
and let’s whistle through the gaps,
let’s have some youth together.

I want to have known a love that always grew

I want to grow older than our oldness, like
the sand under the sea.

Are you coming along with me?

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