For a moment, drifting in that beautiful illusion that we can articulate a world we have in common. For a moment, feeling reality reverberate in our ecstatic minds, feeling the gentle pulses of the blood vessels that support our brains. We experience all the truths we have established, we are sure that our brains are still not too small to harbor the whole of our rationality. For a brief moment, feeling that we could grasp the ultimate explanation of being because the lightness of the universe is in our head.

For a moment, flying above our predicament, leaving behind the limitations of our mammalian brains as we ponder what no ape before us pondered, and no ape after us will. Here we are. Our minds are like majestic ships floating on the calm waters of our cerebral tissue. Time has come. We observe the hands that are stretched out by our bodies, we register the nods and smiles on each other’s faces, and step into a new narrative of unity. We live this illusion, but we will never reach escape velocity, and we will fall back on the mute and empty vastness where we belong.

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