March 31. Four hours of buses, taxis, rickshaws to get to the wrong place.

I bring Yeon to the airport, and she discovers that her camera is gone. That means: no pictures of the white tiger and no pictures of the Taj Mahal. Eventually she has become the victim of pick-pocketing, and I don’t need to warn no more. Main reason to go to the Taj Mahal: taking a photo with the Charity Travel t-shirt in front of it, so that our readers can see how good you can combine charity and travel. Ah, let me just do the charity part, I get tired of touristic consumption.
How we got to the airport? Read about that on her blog. It took us more than three hours to get to the wrong place, and then we were struck by the lightning of luck and someone brought us to the airport by car. We spend the night at the airport together, and I return to our host’s place in the morning after saying goodbye.

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