March 25. Greenpeace.

A cause. Our host knows about greenpeace and helps us find out where their office is by calling their headquarters in Bangalore. We are finally given an address near Hauz Khas, a southern suburb of Delhi. We take a minibus and find a rather sober office, something that usually makes me feel good about an ngo. They welcome us and we explain our story. We will make a donation even though greenpeace doesn’t normally accept cash donations. There is a way to get some offical letter of intend from the local bank and I sit and with a few hours for this document to be issued. Just to make a small donation. But we succeed, and talk about campaigning or fundraising activities we can take part in. They say we’ll keep you posted there might be something. They will repeat this later and they will promise me twice to send me an email with the location so that I could join in. They’ve never send them. Shame on those people, o how I want to crush them between thumb and indexfinger like clots of snot. But I care too much about doing something good that I have time to waste on unreliable people. Anyway, I think they are enthousiastic campaigners and our donation will be used in a good way to help protect the Olive Ridley Turtle, make people aware about genetically manipulated foodstuffs and the risks of nuclear energy.

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