November 11. Amman hot sun.

Let’s skip our discussion about the Israelis. It’s a very intense and sensitive issue. Breakfast is plenty and I get at least some writing done, before we go do some sightseeing with Tönis and Basil, a publicity guy working at the US embassy. The citadel of Amman is as interesting as a pile of stones can be. The many different layers of culture, Roman, Byzantine, Omayyad. The Omayyad mosque is especially worth mentioning. They’ve reconstructed the dome in wood after doing meticulous research to find out that the thing must have had a round base. We walk in the hot sun between the ruins, something that is a delight for my Estonian friend.

We have a typical monosodium glutamate meal, and back home I work on the computer again because I am still lagging behind my schedule like an old camel whose rugged leash is dragging through the sand symbolizing its languor in peculiar patterns.

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