July 14.

What is friendship? This entry will take us to the height of theoretical considerations, to a summit where icy winds blow large snowflakes against our reasoning skin, where big halcyonic birds spread their giant wings to cast a mighty shadow upon our theories, where you can look to all directions without seeing anything. Who knows what friendship is? We gather in a big circle, fire in the center, the sound of cracking pinecones, dark orange spouting sparks, we all stare into the fire and then we write our answers on a piece of paper, wrap it around a small pinecone and trow it into the fire. Friendship is sharing the thoughts that are really important for you. Friendship means giving without expecting anything back. Friendship means you define your being essentially in relation to your friend. Friendship is sharing a drop of water and a cask of wine. Friendship is being inseparable in the dark. Friendship is forgiving before your friend has done anything wrong. Friendship is a cat and a dog playing badminton. Friendship is holding your breath until your friend spits out the olive seed. And so on… the gathering continues, we get tired. The fire dies out, it gets cold. Next morning the police finds us scattered around a pile of embers, ashes and little pieces of paper with the definition of friendship on them blown all over the place, and wakes us up. It is forbidden to make a fire here and don’t you know that. No, we don’t know that but from that moment on we know something else. We know that we are friends.

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