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Wrote. Just more words. If you want to read them, they are all in your dictionary, only their order is less contaminated there. Walked around in the village to investigate the people of Bolivia. Entered a pharmacy to ask what medicine costs here. She started to tell, aspirin is four tablets for one Boliviano, and so on. I asked how about prescription drugs and she told me it was affordable for the people. Oh, is it true that most Bolivian doctors are educated in Cuba? Well, there are a lot, but the former (capitalist) government didn’t really like it. Have there been noticeable changes under Evo Morales? Not yet, the pharmaceutical industry is in control and, the honest lady told me, she wants to earn decent money herself.

In Santa Cruz, there’s no McDonald’s. For a city of its size, it’s quite an accomplishment in my opinion. A woman whose sons had grown fat after regularly consuming its Hamburgers had sued the company, that had preferred to leave the city over paying the poor woman a compensation. As a consequence, in all former McDonald’s buildings now there are branches of Burger King.

Say the word. The word is tergiversating. Enter the room. It’s foggy here. We should better look around, but oh it is of no use. Don’t go. The feeling of the feeling of not feeling to share of not it’s over, not able to communicate to feel. But wait a minute. Feel we not all? Don’t take that away from us! Take a popsicle and slash the room to dust and pieces. Fight for our right to be vague. You see now? The room and everybody inside was just a farce. No need to be afraid of them.

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