February 14.

It is sunny outside but I write inside. Had a great lunch that filled my belly like it hasn’t been filled for weeks. All the chemicals that will be involved in the digestion, plus the cafeine intake that I’m used to after a meal make me write like a fertile hen. It’s a typical working day again. There are lots of people near the Adamastor, after all it’s saturday. I will work until sunset.
There is no internet in the café where I am working so I will have to upload the whole bunch at once tonight. Blots of writing and digital pictures. If they’re good enough, they can be digested by readers and they’ll shit money on my bank account and from the money I can buy real things like bread, lobster, roastbeef, seaweed soup, Super Bock beer, Vinho Branco, Vinho
Verde, Portuguese cheese, fried chicken stomach. Perhaps I put a little announcement alongside these lines. Make a donation if you want the story to continue. If you want to know how the story will end because that’s the amazing thing about it one day she will simply end. useless fuzz.

At night we walked around in Barrio Alto. It is amazing how many people are on those narrow streets, even in February. This city is so lively. I sought a comparison, a sister city with the same allure, but it’s not easy. Well, Berlin in the summer, or Barcelona, or Munich in October. But let’s cut that. Lisbon is Lisbon, okay?

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