Moscow #2. Great Art Collections.

The next day I visited the Pushkin museum, where I saw another vast collection of European Art. Especially the Dutch floor caught my attention, and in front of Rembrandt’s Old Lady I just had to spend several minutes. This canvas is just so great!

After the visit of this remarkable collection, I met with Aleksey and Ann, and we went to a nice bar, where wine and some Russian dishes accompanied a nice conversation.

I spent a few days in Moscow, and wrote most of the time, so I can be short here. I had a great time, got to know Moscow life because I lived in a flat with two very friendly Russians with whom I could speak about literature too. I read Jack Kerouac on the road, and wrote a couple of pages. I remember a huge pretty luxurious shopping mall, and I understood that in this city most wealth of Russia is concentrated indeed, and I didn’t even see the real upper end diamonds and sportscars.

But I had promised myself to “do” some more culture, and so I went to the Tetryakov gallery one of those days, the other big museum in the capital, which has a reknowned collection of Russian impressionism. I wasn’t aware of this the time I entered the museum, and was surprised several times when I saw the works of Perov, Schedrin, Sakrasov, Sunikov, and others. I compiled a list of my favorite paintings, just like I did in the Hermitage – so if you want a visible illustration of my taste, I’m sure the depths of the world wide web will provide it.

щедрин – sleeping Endymion (1779)
C.ф. щедрин – arbour coverd with vines (1828)
C.ф. щедрин m- terrace on the seacoast (1828)
Perov – blind musician
Perov – the snow-maiden
Perov – portrait of Dostojewski
Sakrasov – the rooks have come (1871)
Sakrasov – country road
Aivakovskty – black sea (1881)
Repin – taking a rest (1882)
Sunikov – portrait of Syrokovska as a child (1888)
M.A. Vremel – demon seated (1890)
Ivan Tserevich – grey wolf
Nesterov – girl by the pond (1923)
Ulyamov – Chistye ponds (1900)
Serov – portrait of Derwitsch with child
Serov – girl with peaches
Korovin – Boulevard des Capuccines

It was interesting to follow the development of impressionism throughout the 19th century. I could do it together with Olga, a fashion designer and quite a work of art herself.

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