Open letter to the Russian Embassy

Dear Russian Embassy,

As a Dutch citizen, I would like to express my explicit condemnation of the atrocities that the Russian Federation is currently conducting in Ukraine, as well as the attempts to deny these horrendous acts in the television program Buitenhof by your ambassador, Mr. Shulgin.
My heart goes out to all the victims of this horrible war, especially the Ukrainian civilian casualties, but also including the many young Russian soldiers and conscripts that have been lied to and sent to certain death on the battlefield. May their mothers find peace in their heart when this war is over.

I hope the world can soon welcome Russia to the family of truly democratic nations. The new generation of Russian people is ready for it. They will no longer accept that merely having a different opinion can lead to 15 years of imprisonment. They will no longer accept that Russia’s megalomaniac “president” kills innocent people in their name.

Let MIR mean peace again,

With kind regards,

Kamiel Choi
Proud COMEDIAN from the Netherlands.

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