Artists critical of society nowadays have the strange habit of begging institutions of same society be the ultimate arbiter of their work. Instead of their real audience, that has yet to be born.
Meditation on Art
We want to breathe the art of wit when we sit for our meditations. Art, from the Art of Altamira to the the Art of the Deal, is, we don't shun this bold statement, first and foremost a celebration. We imagine anthropological researchers digging up objects with no evident usefulness. What to do with them? ...
But how can art keep us alive when it cannot kill us?
Just now, I was intimidated
Just now, I was intimidated by an indestructible paper cup towering in front of me, a long shadow bulging from its rim. The straw hole in its stained lid vows to annihilate me, its cardboard jacket sinks frivolously in the surface of the table. Sovereignly, he does not move. I ask what do you want? ...
March 8.
Making the concepts of death and peace converge, how's that for universal religion?

In the Mapuche village near San Martin de los Andes a child held the barrier for the tourists. We walked around; the people had conserved some aspects of their traditional lifestyle. A girl herded some sheep. I photographed some goats. Their ...